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Estb. June 1999

If you are a photobuyerlooking for a highly specific picture, you need look no further. Descriptions of over 3 million highly specific pictures await you here at the electronic PhotoSourceBANK photo directory. With just a click on your keyboard, the PhotoSourceBANK will let you know the source(s) of the picture you need and how to retrieve it within your deadline. Your key words are highlighted in red within the directory page and you find your photo source in seconds. There is no charge to photobuyers for this service ClickHere.

If you are a photographerseeking exposure for your photography, you've come to the right place.Whether you are an unknown photographer or a veteran freelancer, thePhotoSourceBANK places you in the front the line. Editorial photobuyers need specific-content pictures, and if you have what they need, they’re interested in working with you. Major photobuyers search the PhotoSourceBANK daily for their picture needs. The PhotoSource International website gets 43,000 hits per day, ten times more than any similar site on the web. Click Here.

Three easy ways to find the source of that hard-to-locate photo

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